Friday, March 16, 2012

Elegantly wasted !

This post has been on hold for the past 2 months for that is how long I have been without doing anything much other than writing test cases and debugging (in case you are wondering it is the only technical term that people can associate me with these days) ! Gone are the days when I tried to understand some programs or a number conundrum ! Still a novice in my field of work and I already spite the work , the people around me , the work place , the cattle class food that I am served for lunch, the perpetual boredom , the subjugation (which does not alter the fact that I am out of a college(partially)) , my personal computer in office (which requires a nut punch to boot) ! Oh my bad...I have to mention the only good thing in this cradle of utmost atrocity - the long weekends (yes I have Saturdays off) ! Its a matter of self-realization that kills me right now ! Those who know me also know that one thing , I am not a cynic ! But this seems to be the only way to vent my feel of guilt - Take the Cabbage Avatar . I am right now coined as a person following a banal career path ! Successful may it be but what is the point when it contradicts all of my convictions ! It all starts with an honest effort to do your best but slowly you are reduced to a minion because that is when you realize working does not pay much in these organizations ! I may be direly wrong but I cannot stop thinking about my potential being wasted ! All this work for a meager remuneration which ( I empathize with ) my friends have to give away along with a little more from their parent's pockets to pay their advance and monthly rent in a few absurd deserted places...thats a whole different story within this loop of agony! ( essence of fragmentation :P) I could just get out and indulge myself in some 'whacked out sport' ! The joy ephemeral as it may be but worth all the risk , money and time ! I could do my bit in this panoramic world of music..a tribute to all those years I spent learning ( tried :P) ! I could do so much that I cannot fathom..only if I had the time (not that I lack the enthusiasm) ! To think that being ambitious deepens the laceration ! This is not only for me but to all those who feel the same and I am quite positive there are many ! On a positive note now I am more inspired towards my goal ! Moreover it is a good learning experience ! Its a filtering exercise ! This particular field I must say is pretty much off course but in demand....its good for those who enjoy destruction and re-creation but after 4-5 years of slog ! Not for the experimental ones like myself ! As I had quoted before , someone once told me - "your first job is always the wrong one" ! Now I know why !

Friday, October 28, 2011

iSad !

Steve Jobs was an extraordinary man,Whether you were an Apple fan, or not an Apple fan, whether you actually owned a product from Apple or don’t; nobody can deny that he was a genius ! He changed the way we live today the way we react with things, the way we think ! He solved so many problems in his lifetime, and he lived a ecstatic life ! I started my Apple ‘craze’ back in 2006, I believe. I asked money at home for a mobile and bought a ipod classic n wsn't sure what it was, but being computer nerd and all, I loved it ! It was heaven ! That’s where I started to music,sharing videos,listen to music, and so much more ! All thanks to Steve Jobs ! He never failed me. I’ve never wanted to take back an Apple product; simply because even in it’s faults, I can find happiness. He hasn’t lived an easy life from the beginning, but if it’s true that life starts at 40, then he had a head start with more than 3 million dollars ! Steve Jobs. You were the reason I’m such a computer nerd now ! You’re the reason why the whole world has changed ! You didn’t deserve to die at 56 ABOVE ALL !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nagging Regrets!

Yesterday during a claptrap with munis came to know about incivility in me felt eerily SHOCKED trust me ! True that - I mean some people just need to drop down their brag on the outrageous rules which society has made ! To be honest, I'm a person of my own bit of a dreamer and a hyppie(ROFLYSHST),I like doing my own things and have a benevolence !Though the time is crucial these days and lots of stuff pending and some un'touched ! There are these guy's Jaykumar a.k.a google (as that we call him) and jvardhan a.k.a chotu in my class loaded with knowledge, energy n handworker's there been time since this mca both have been so helpful n resourceful I mus say to ask anything especially during labs and to get the doubt fixed ! There been times when I felt like luddite as I been using nokia one one zero zero from long n still but that not the reason of using a simple phone n being a recluse as some say me which m NOT ! My days were more exciting when I was with them and was least worried bout the working of many programs being taught ! I couldn’t make it now without them in lab I must say however as there is little down here at this time as m about to finish the course ! Things that escape most people is the fact of the amount of fakeness in them, As for me I’ve decided that I’m going to live this upcoming life every moment of it to its real values ! I don't blame anyone or the world around me ? It is true that I miss intelligent companionship, but there are so few with whom I can share the things that mean so much to me that I have learnt to contain myself ! peace out !